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Common Myths

Many myths and misconceptions exists that discourage some people from seeking help to improve their lives through better hearing. Don’t believe everything you hear about hearing loss.

The following list may help separate the fact from the fiction!

MYTH: Everyone who is hard of hearing uses sign language.

There are a variety of different sign systems used by hearing-impaired individuals.
Individuals who experience hearing loss later in life usually do not know sign language.
People who are educated in the method of oralism or mainstream do not always know sign language

MYTH: People who cannot hear are not allowed to drive.

Deaf people may use special devices to alert them to sirens or other noises, or panoramic mirrors to enable improved visibility.
Many countries allow deaf people to drive including India, although at least 26 countries do not allow deaf citizens to hold a driver's license.

MYTH: All forms of hearing loss can be solved by hearing aids or cochlear implants.
There are many exceptions which cannot be solved by both hearing-aids and cochlear implants.

MYTH: People who can't hear can't use a phone.
Teletypewriters, Video phones and cell phone text messages are used by deaf people to communicate. Some people with moderate hearing loss may have enough hearing to use amplified telephones. Recent advances in hearing technology routes the amplified incoming signal directly to the ear-piece via Bluetooth.

MYTH: Everyone who cannot hear can lip read.

Only about 30% of spoken English is visible on the lips.

Lip reading requires not only good lighting, but also a good understanding of the oral language in question and may also depend on contextual knowledge about what is being said.

MYTH: Most deaf people have deaf parents.

MYTH: Hearing aids just make everything louder.
FACT: Today's hearing solutions are designed to suit each individual's type and degree of hearing loss and customized according to their lifestyle.

It's expensive to get your hearing checked.
FACT: Hearing checkups are discreet & simple. All hearing checks are obligation free.

MYTH: Hearing aids are uncomfortable.
FACT: A properly fitted hearing device not only makes listening comfortable and hassle-free but also changes the quality of life and restores emotional balance.

MYTH: Wearing hearing aids can make your hearing worse.
FACT: Hearing aids do not increase the rate of hearing decline due to dependency. Your brain needs regular auditory stimulation to continue to remember sounds, which in turn allows you to communicate effectively. The earlier you address your hearing concern, the better.


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