Delayed Speech & Language
Delayed speech and language associated with

Hearing loss

DSL with Hearing loss
Hearing difficulties can affect development of all or just some areas of speech and language, depending on the type and severity of the deafness. Children with deafness are unable to hear certain speech sounds clearly, which in turn affects their ability to say the words clearly. They may also have problems listening and concentrating, so their general language development may be delayed as well.

Speech and Language Therapist have a major role in helping you and others develop your child's:

Awareness of speech sounds
Understanding of spoken and sign language
Signing skills
Developing oral communication skills

DSL with Seizures
Epileptic seizure is a transient loss of function of all or part of the brain due to excessive electrical activity. Physical, sensory or other functions can be temporarily lost. Certain types of epilepsy can be linked with learning, behavioral and speech and language difficulties. This is increasingly recognized and the risks are greater if epilepsy occurs before 2 years of age.

Epilepsy can cause temporary loss of function in one or more part of the brain. If these parts are involved with understanding, organization and communication, processing difficulties in using language can result. These difficulties can be severe, causing general delay in language development or a disordered pattern of language abilities.

DSL with syndromes
With advances in molecular genetic testing, newly identified genetic conditions may be implicated in developmental delay, including speech and language delays.

Some of the syndromes associated with speech and language delay are:

Down’s syndrome Fragile X syndrome
16p11.2 microdeletion syndrome Crouzon syndrome
Prader-Willi syndrome Tourette syndrome

Management for the above may include:

Peadiatric Consultation Speech and Language Therapy
Neurological evaluation (Epileptologist) Special school programs
ENT consultation Special education
  Psychological evaluation Lifestyle changes
  Audiological evaluation Counseling


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