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Living With Hearing Loss

Poor hearing can result in communication difficulties for both the person with hearing loss and their family and friends. Generally in the early stages of hearing loss, a person will still be able to have a conversation in a quiet room when facing the speaker. A person suffering from hearing loss will likely experience problems with background noise or when trying to hear someone at a distance or someone who is not facing them directly.

Typically, people put off doing something about their hearing loss for an average of seven years. These people are missing out on the benefit they could receive from a hearing solution specifically designed to address their hearing needs. Taking action on hearing loss (usually the first step is a simple check-up) means there's less chance that the brain will lose the ability to process sounds and understand conversation clearly.

Hearing loss typically occurs from the age of 50 and it is not unusual for people to present with a hearing loss in their 50s or 60s. Around 35% of people over 64 years have a significant hearing loss.

Early diagnosis of hearing loss is crucial to a better quality of life in the long term because better hearing results in better communication with friends, family and work colleagues. So, a person who is in their 50s or 60s will receive a better result with their hearing solutions than if they wait until they get older before taking action.
The consequences of hearing loss are significant. Hearing loss separates you from:

Your sound environment
The music you love
Your loved ones
From those who hear well

Untreated hearing loss can have consequences such as: loss of confidence, irritability and anger, depression, social isolation and loneliness, along with anxiety and fatigue.

Typically a person who is hearing impaired may find they need to:

Ask people to repeat themselves
Seek clarification - Did you say, "the 24th of July?"
Employ strategies to compensate for their hearing loss - lip read, pretend to understand.

Where to go from here?
1. Check your hearing now.


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