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Roles of Parents

If you find that your child has a hearing problem, you should seek advice from Audiologists, Medical specialists, Speech Language Pathologists, Education professionals and Social workers to work out a learning and remedial plan for him/her.

You should accept the fact of your child’s hearing impairment, do your best to understand his/her needs and help him/her improve his/her language and communication skills so as to develop his/her potentials in full with the support of professionals and educational institutions.

Support Strategies

Adopt a positive attitude towards your child’s hearing impairment and encourage him/her to make the most of his/her residual hearing by wearing properly adjusted hearing-aids for optimum amplification.
Let your child receive appropriate and well-structured auditory training to improve his/her ability to perceive sounds in the environment, which will in turn enhance his/her language development.
Rephrase or explain what you say if your child does not seem to understand it. Make gestures or write down key words to make yourself clear.
You are advised to encourage your child to participate in extra-curricular activities and let him/her receive appropriate training to improve his/her self-esteem and social skills.
Hearing impairment limits a child’s listening experience and his/her exposure to speech. Therefore you are advised to help your child form good reading and writing habits and develop effective learning skills and strategies so that his/her speech and language abilities can be strengthened gradually
Adequate speech and language stimulation along with speech and language intervention with good hearing-aids is necessary.


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