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Signs of Hearing Loss
You listen to the TV or Radio at a high volume (louder than others like).
You’re always asking people to repeat themselves because you didn’t catch what they said.
When you’re talking to someone on the phone, the other person sounds unclear.
You find it hard to hear people at work, social situations and noisy environments.
You experience frequent ringing in your ears.
You read lips when people are talking to you.
You find men’s voices easier to understand than women’s
You have problems following a conversation that involves more than two people.

When hearing loss happens, it doesn’t just affect you physically – it can also affect you emotionally. Here are some emotional side effects that can occur due to hearing loss:

You’re embarrassed to go out socially because you don’t want to misunderstand people, so you start to withdraw from social situations and isolate yourself.
You’re stressed out because you’re always straining to hear what people are saying.
You become annoyed because you can’t hear what others are saying.
You feel anxious that others will notice that you can’t hear or understand what they are saying.

When you suspect a hearing loss, knowing the causes and corrective measures will help you not only minimize the effects, but also ensure you get the help you need so you can enjoy a high quality of life.


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