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The Truth about Tinnitus

Tinnitus is surprisingly common, with around 10 to 15% of Indians experiencing this condition at some stage in their lives. It can also have a dramatic impact on people's quality of life, even if quite mild, as it can drive people to varied levels of irritation.

Most people describe tinnitus as a ringing, buzzing or whistling noise, although the sound and severity can vary widely. You may be relieved to know that tinnitus is not something you imagine - it is a physical condition.

There are a number of possible causes of tinnitus:

Hearing loss
Excessive noise
An issue in the hearing pathway
Some medications like aspirin (in higher doses), diuretics and antibiotics
Accumulated wax in the ear
A medical condition
Otosclerosis (calcification of the bones in the middle ear)
Head or neck injuries
Meniere's disease

While it can be difficult to identify the exact cause of someone's tinnitus, hearing loss is often present. Tinnitus caused by short-term exposure to loud sounds usually goes away; however, if you are regularly exposed to loud sound this may cause permanent damage.

Recent advances in Hearing Healthcare allows us to provide customized Tinnitus Rehabilitation Programs. These programs may or may not involve the use of electro-acoustic devices. If you experience any such condition call us for an appointment today.


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