Vocal Hygiene Tips
Drink an average of 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Sip water throughout the day.
Avoid/limit intake of caffeinated beverages / alcohol.
Avoid mints or menthol flavored cough drops as these can dry your throat.
Stop smoking.
Avoid frequent throat clearing. If you feel the need to clear throat try to swallow hard, take a sip of water or produce a forceful "h" sound (as in hello) instead.
Avoid shouting or yelling.
Avoid talking for a long period of time. (Either in person or on telephone)
If you have high vocal demands -- public speaking, giving a lecture or singing -- perform warm-up and cool-down voice exercises before and after you engage in these activities.
Use amplificatory devices if addressing a small crowd, a group of people or teaching in a classroom set-up.
Get plenty of rest. Fatigue can affect the sound of your voice.
Limit or avoid talking when you have laryngitis
Be aware of your environment. Avoid noisy, dusty or smoky places.
If you have acid reflux disease make sure you follow the precautions and/or medication prescribed to you.
Maintain good posture to improve voice projection. Keep your head erect. When you speak the larynx rises and if you bend your head down, you will restrict this natural movement and interfere with proper breathing.
When singing or speaking, concentrate on good breath support.
Avoid oily food.
Speak softly rather than whispering. (whispering can be harmful)
Avoid mimicry.
Avoid singing at uncomfortable pitch and intensity levels.
Avoid talking under or over music, sound from TV, radio, stereo, etc. and also from a distance. You tend to raise your vocal loudness in such situations.

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